Setting up a Private

Medical Weight Loss Service

“Our Vision is to ensure that every person living with obesity has access to treatments”

Why become a Certified Partner?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Certified Partner of  The National Medical Weight Loss Programme, one of the key benefits is that you will receive training both written and delivered by an expert advisor to NICE on obesity (Dr Matt Capehorn). Matt brings a unique blend of experience and expertise, having established award winning services within both the NHS and private sectors.

The training team are leaders within their specialist areas, enabling members to benefit from a truly evidence based and multidisciplinary approach to weight management. They comprise

  • Dr Matthew Capehorn – Expert Adviser for NICE on Obesity
  • Sandy Green – Nurse Consultant and Founder NMWLP

Benefits of our Training

  • Delivered by national key opinion leader in obesity

  • Learn about obesity and its complications

  • Help patients using evidence-based medicine

  • Learn how to set up a successful weight loss service

  • Understand the process of CQC / HIW / HIS registration

The Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Introduction to obesity

  • Module 2 – The physiology of obesity and the regulation of appetite

  • Module 3 – Diet and nutrition

  • Module 4 – The psychology of eating

  • Module 5 – Weight loss interventions

  • Module 6 – Pharmacotherapy including Saxenda, Mysimba and Orlistat

  • Module 7 – Setting up a private medical weight loss service

  • Module 8 – Working with your pharmacy

  • Module 9 – CQC (or equivalent) registration

  • Module 10 – Insurance

Limited training places available on each course



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