The CQC Scope of Registration

The CQC is a regulatory body, and not an advisory one. As such they are not able to tell or advise a provider which regulated activity they may or may not be carrying out. The only advice the Commission can give, is to look at the “scope of registration” document, which should help the provider determine whether or not what they are doing falls within the scope of registration.

There is an expectation that providers look at this document and then apply for registration if they believe what they are doing meets the CQC definition of any given regulated activity.

Please view the documents below to assist in your decision making.

The CQC Scope of Registration Document

Definition of a Medical Practitioner (p59)

Services in Slimming Clinics (p54)

Decision Tree (p55)
Do you need to register?

If, after reading the appropriate pages from the “scope of registration” you believe that what you are doing meets the CQC definition of this regulated activity, then please contact our CQC Registration partners using the information below.

  • Inspire to Outstand will assist those CP’s who need to register with the CQC to be able to offer this service.
  • Nurses in England not working in partnership with a doctor, do not need to register with the CQC to offer this service!
  • Contact: Tracey Jones  Tel: 07825 311 900  Email:


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