Our CQC Registration Support Partner
CQC Assist

  • CQC Assist offer a first class service to Certified Partners (CP’s) of The National Medical Weight Loss Programme (NMWLP).

  • CP’s have an EXCLUSIVE deal to get them registered with the CQC.

  • Contact: Richard Banyard  Tel: 07774 909011 Email: richard@cqcassist.co.uk

  • Contact: Rachael Duff  Tel: 07875 404952 Email: rachael@cqcassist.co.uk

  • Address: 7 Blackbrook Avenue Sheffield S10 4LT

EXCLUSIVE deal for Certified Partners of NMWLP

Certified Partners of the NMWLP, will save an incredible £1000 off the normal price (£2600) of the CQC registration support package.

That’s a saving of more than the cost of paying to become a Certified Partner! So in effect, if you paid ‘the normal price’ with our strategic business partner to support you with CQC registration (£2600), you’d get NMWLP Certified Partnership for FREE – and still have some change left over!

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The ‘all-inclusive’ cost of CQC registration support for Partners of the NMWLP, is just £1600
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