“Our vision is to ensure that everyone living with obesity, has access to treatment”.

About Our Training

Expert Training

Experience in-depth and comprehensive evidence-based medicine, complying with all regulatory policies and guidelines. Our training will enable you to create a successful business model delivering a safe, legal and ethical medical weight management service.

  • The course was co-authored by Dr Matt Capehorn (Expert Advisor to NICE on Obesity) and Sandy Green (Nurse Consultant and Founder of NMWLP)

  • Our training is the ONLY weight management training course to be accredited by The Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE)

  • Training is delivered on-line and can be accessed at any time, from any device

  • Training is highly motivational and inspiring, please see some of our testimonials

  • Gain the confidence you need to set up a private weight management service

  • On successful completion, delegates will become a Certified Partner of the NMWLP

  • NB: Delegates will have private access to complete training for 30-days

  • NB: A fee of £100 will be payable by any delegates requesting an extension of this time

More information about our training

About SCOPE Accreditation

Endorsing high standards in learning
  • The World Obesity Federation offer training through the SCOPE initiative (The Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education)

  • SCOPE accredits courses on obesity that offer exceptional educational value.

  • Courses are accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) and the CPD Certification Service.

  • All SCOPE Accredited courses are reviewed by the World Obesity Federation’s Clinical Care Committee, experts in the field of obesity management, to ensure they are based on the latest scientific evidence, are free of commercial bias and offer exceptional educational value.

  • SCOPE is recognised and endorsed by NHS England and more than 50 national associations globally.

  • SCOPE offer the only internationally recognised course on obesity management.

The online education revolution

Every day, millions of students, teachers and support staff across the globe, are participating in a learning revolution: the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the centuries-old tradition which saw students travelling to a physical location to learn. Education and training has changed dramatically, with the distinct rise of online learning, where delegates study remotely on digital platforms.

In response to this digital revolution, The NMWLP has converted its’ 2-day training programme into a series of bite-sized videos covering each of the modules.

There’s never been a better time to advance your clinical skills and expertise. Book today, and set up your medical weight loss service in a matter of days.

The benefits of on-line learning

Course Agenda

Gain all the knowledge and skills required to set up a private medical weight loss service. Each module is conveniently recorded separately, allowing you to study in ‘bite-size’ chunks at your own pace, and from any device anywhere in the world (with internet access).

  • Module 1 : The epidemiology and physiology of obesity
  • Module 2 : The fat cell, metabolism and appetite regulation
  • Module 3 : Weight loss interventions (excluding Pharmacotherapy)
  • Module 4a : Pharmacotherapy, including Phentermine, Orlistat, Mysimba and Liraglutide (Saxenda)
  • Module 4b : Advanced Pharmacotherapy, (Semaglutide – Ozempic and Rybelsus) and ‘off-label’ prescribing
  • Module 5 : Setting up a medical weight management clinic
  • Module 6 : Setting up a virtual medical weight management service, remote consultations & prescribing via video-link

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Dr Matt Capehorn

Expert Advisor to NICE on Obesity

Certified Partner Benefits

Why become a Certified Partner?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Certified Partner of  The National Medical Weight Loss Programme (NMWLP), one of the key benefits is that you will receive training both written and delivered by an expert advisor to NICE on obesity (Dr Matt Capehorn – see below). Matt brings a unique blend of experience and expertise, having established award winning services within both the NHS and private sectors.

The training team are leaders within their specialist areas, enabling members to benefit from a truly evidence based and multidisciplinary approach to weight management. They comprise

  • Dr Matthew Capehorn – Expert Adviser for NICE on Obesity
  • Sandy Green – Nurse Consultant and Founder NMWLP
Become a Certified Partner NOW
NMWLP Terms and Conditions

  • By booking the course, you agree to make full payment for your Certified Partnership at the cost identified at the time of booking (NB. Non-payment or late payment will result in us contacting your registered body GMC, NMC, GDC or GPhC).
  • A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.
  • Privacy Policy – We do not share delegate details with any third-parties.

Access to Training
  • Delegates will be given private access to training for 30-days to allow them to complete each module at their own pace and at a time that suits them.
  • It is important to set aside ‘protected study time’ to ensure you can complete the course in the time allowed.
  • If an extension is required, an additional fee of £100 will be payable.

Module assessments
  • At the end of the first five modules, delegates must successfully pass the course assessment.
  • Delegates are permitted one attempt, and the passmark for each module is 80%.
  • If any module is failed, a resit fee of £10 per module is payable.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Please note that cancellation charges apply.
  • Upon booking, 50% of the course fee is immediately non-refundable, and any fees still due MUST be paid.
  • Once the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has been signed, and you have been given access to the training modules the course CANNOT be cancelled and ALL fees still due MUST be paid.
  • We reserve the right to cancel course bookings or withdraw delegates from the course.
  • Cancellation of any course by the NMWLP will mean full repayment of fees to delegates.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Each delegate is required to sign an electronic non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before completing the course.
  • Course materials remain the intellectual property (IP) of the NMWLP and may not be reproduced, circulated or distributed under any circumstances.
  • Materials are provided solely for your own use as the Certified Partner.
  • If you use a third-party for marketing, they must sign an NDA as well.
  • Once the NDA has been signed, you will be given full access to the private Dropbox and closed Facebook group.
Become a Certified Partner of
The National Medical Weight Loss Programme